Miercoles Megafauna: Loggerhead Turtle


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Common Name: Loggerhead Turtle

Latin Name Caretta caretta



Where you can see them here: Tortugas of Course! These giants have also been spotted on Moc Che Deep and even passing through on the shallow sites on Chunzumbul and Jardines. There is currently one with only 3 flippers on Pared Verde! So anywhere you dive with us, you never know your luck!

How to identify them: The loggerhead is characterized by a large head with blunt jaws (unlike the hawksbill with a pointed beak) The loggerhead can measure up to 2 metres(84 in) long when fully grown and can weigh up to 135 kilograms (300 lb). They are usually the turtles who will come in for a closer look at you but they can bite so don’t get too close!

What you may not know about them: The loggerhead does not reach sexual maturity until within 17–33 years of it’s 47–67 year life span. Then it has a low reproductive rate. The females lay only 4 eggs per clutch and only every few years.

The loggerhead is considered “vulnerable” by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

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