Miercoles Megafauna: Southern Stingray


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Common Name: Southern Stingray


Latin NameDasyatis Americana


Where you can see them here:  These rays can be seen regularly on all of the sites here in Playa either hiding in the sand or gliding on top of the reef at cleaning stations.

How to identify them: It has a flat, diamond-shaped body with pointed wings (unlike the Caribbean stingray which has rounded wings) , with a mud brown upper-body and white underbelly.

What you may not know about them:  Although southern stingrays aren’t aggressive, they have venomous spines with serrated barbs on the bases of their tails. The spines are only used for defense, but if threatened or stepped on, a ray raises its tail overhead, scorpion style, and drives its spine into the intruder. For humans, the pain is intense, and the jagged wound takes time to heal

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