Miercoles Megafauna: Yellow Stingray


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Common Name: Yellow stingray

Latin NameUrolophus Jamaicenis


Where you can see them here:  The shallow sites are the best places to spots these smaller rays. They can be regularly spotted on top of Jardines or hiding in the sand under rocks on our other shallow sites.

How to identify them: It is a small stingray (maximum length 60cm, but indulge us in our megafauna section!) and as such is often mistaken for a baby ray by divers. It is circular or slightly oval in shape. As the name suggests, it is yellow or light brown in colour with speckles, spots and blotches across it’s upper side.

What you may not know about them:  Though innocuous towards humans, the little yellow stingray can inflict a painful injury with its venomous tail spine. So do not be tempted to touch these cute creatures!

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