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So the Adventure team wins out again…we completed our mission and have a full report. Just so you know, we added a member, as a special guest, and some could not make it. So the official team for this mission was Nicola, Dani, Andy and a special appearance from Jimi, a graduated Divemaster from the Abyss Dive Center in Playa.

Our objective was to check out NIGHT SNORKELING off the beach in Tulum. After our great Adventure in Casa Cenote a few weeks ago, we decided to add to Andy´s repetoire of snorkeling tours and check out night snorkeling. We all met at 7:30 p.m. at Abyss Dive Center Tulum, grabbed our masks, fins, snorkels, lights and wetsuits and headed for the beach. The new moon was out, the stars were in full force and we had a point of reference on the beach, the bar at Pariaso, fully lit and full of cold beers…

We started south and found some great fish and creatures. After swimming around and getting used to the ocean at ight, we decided to head north and found some great stuff…Andy, new to the ocean at night, discovered phosphoresence….he had a great giggle and fell behind due to his first magical moment with the plankton. In case you have not experienced plankton at night, when you turn off your light and move your hands or feet in the water, the plankton light up like little lights…it is quite spectacular.

The next spot had us looking at ghost crabs, white crabs tucked under the reef, and the coolest little blue fish….this was completely found by accident. While waiting for Andy, our lights remained still in the water. What we found was that hundreds of little blue fish loved the light and swam for each of us…as we stayed still, we were surrounded by these little blue fish who loved to dance in the light . This kept us occupied for at least 10 minutes. So after about 1.5 hours we decided to head in. Swiming to the shore, we came across a nice big sting ray….we swam after this magnificent creature as he headed back out to sea…that put the icing on the cake for our latest adventure.

The adventure continued as we kept our wetsuits on, climbed into the Jeep and headed back to the Pueblo. I think the town of Tulum thought we were all crazy…here were four people, at night, wearing wetsuits, while everyone else was dressed up for their evening stroll. We could hear it….crazy gringos…locos gringos…We admitted it must of been a sight, driving down the main drag of Tuum, in Jeep with no doors and all occupants wearing wetsuits…yes we are crazy gringos. And no one took the bet to go out for tacos with their wetsuits on…

So there you have it….night snorkeling in Tulum. It was an experience and a great laugh…and I think a new addition to Andy´s snorkel tours. We are just going to figure out the details and then post for all to read.

Next Adenture is scheduled for Sunday, so wait for Adventure # 3.

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