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A thought came to us at about 2 am in the morning last night. Our divers, hotel guests and martini drinkers, some of you are a combo of two of these, some of you are combination of all three of these, dont necessarily know each other.

When Dave and Nicola decided to add the hotel to the list of businesses that we were already running, the idea was to make a community. Playa Del Carmen became a vacation destination due to the growth of a community, the real estate boom came much later, but it grew in popularity due to the community that was transpiring in this little fishing village.

It was super important with the addition of the hotel to maintain a community, to invite the dive center customers into a larger community where they could hang with us all day, everyday and to maintain and combine the community that the previous owners of the hotel had built.

We do this well while you are in Playa Del Carmen, hotel, bar, dive center;a great community combo. You dont need to go very far to hang out with your friends, maybe 10 meters, at the upmost 32 meters. But what happens when you go home……the memories are still there, the photos are still on your camera, your wetsuit still smells of salt water….and a little animal may have made it through customs as it lay snuggled in the warmth of your dive gear….in the age of social utility networks, online communities and internet…there is no reason why we can not extend that community beyond the property boundaries of The Dive Center and Hotel.
We decided on FaceBook as the way to extend the community… Dont Grumble. Yes you need to register but once you are on it you may actually have some fun with it. If you are already a member then great… you can immediately start sharing your dive, vacation, and whatever other photos you wish (keep it clean folks) with people you have met here, with other people who are friends of friends and with other divers and hotel guests who will be joining as well.
The Group in Facebook is called ‘Life Just became Simpler In Playa Del Carmen’ and by design. If you check out the web, a community landing page was made for the hotel property which includes the Dive Center, the Hotel and the Dirty Martini Lounge. It also hosts our photo album as well. The design was done by the one and only KOKO, a friend and dive client from Toronto. He also did the top of the blog for us…so the connection and purpose of the name is directly connected to the landing page and led to the creation of the Facebook Group…thats the story and I am sticking to it.
So join Facebook if you have not already. It is super easy. Then get your friends to join you on Facebook, invite them, it is again easy, then join the group. This group is open so post your dive pictures, look for announcements (The Wine Dive will be posted shortly) and lets make this rock with information. The Blog is really just us telling you want is important or passing on the news of the day….or us just rambling on, and on, and on…the Group in Face Book lets you interact, post and do fun things. Heck you can even send people virtual martinis and you dont have to be at the Dirty Martini Lounge! Or even a virutal beer! Oh I dont think I like that one…virtual beer, takes the fun out of it dont you think….
Now please do not state the obvious, next stop, Abyss Forum….or Life Just became Simpler Forum. Hmmmm, I have to think about that one….There are so many out there,, and that I dont think we can actually add something of greater value than these local forums do. But never say never, anything can happen.

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