New Recruit for Tulum at Cenote Dive Center


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No, Senor/Papcito David is not having another child..I think that one will be it…though the thought has crossed our minds that each child he has will be yet another employee for our family fo dive centers.

We have another surprise. Before I introduce our new staff member I have to clarify that this posting is cheating…this posting should be on our other website for Cenote Dive Center, but it is not up and running yet so… as we are busting at the seams to make this announcement, we decided to break the Blog rule…we are using the Abyss Blog to post Cenote Dive Center information.

So who is it? Okay, okay…after a year of many beers, nights at the Rana Cansada, conversations on the cell and text messaging….Roman from Tank Ha Dive Center has moved to Tulum to join the Cenote Dive Center Team. Do I have you confused? It really is very simple…read on.

Roman, orginally from Germany, moved to Playa Del Carmen over 5 years ago. He dedicated his diving expertise to Tank Ha Dive Center where he increased his open water credentials to PADI and SSI Instructor, Cave Certified, various specialties and lots of cave exploring. He is a very patient, knowledgable man who, like us, believes in great customer service.

His credentials fit the mission of Cenote Dive Center to a ´T´so quietly Nicola spoke of the great things that could be accomplished as a team. Roman finally decided that this vision was for him and he has made the crossover to Tulum. For those of you who think Nicola never smiles and is always engrossed in her daily work…she is one happy woman and ,with the team in Tulum, has welcomed Roman with open arms. To top it off, the day Roman began his first day of work was the day that the new Nissan pick up arrived for Cenote Dive Center. How great is that. To give you an idea of Roman´s personality, mix Mitch with Diego and you truly get Roman, the patience of Mitch mixed with Diego´s enthusiasm for the cenotes and caves.

So when you think about your next vacation or if you want a very experienced cave guide, come on down to Cenote Dive Center. If you want to take your cenote diving one step further, consider your cavern specialty or Intro to Cave…Roman would be happy to take you through either of these courses and show you the reason why he made the switch to Tulum and Cenote Dive Center.

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