New Scuba Site For Women only……


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We came across a new scuba site the other day that is super fun, women only, (sorry guys I will try and find a male only site for the next blog). Miss Scuba created by Szilvia Gogh, is a nice way to find other women to dive with, swap stories with and find combined trips to go on.

This is not new. There are other websites out there that also promote diving for women…. and What these sites do is hook up female divers with other female divers for trips, they celebrate women’s courage (??) for getting into the sport, they also have wetsuits and great equipment designed for women…no more getting into a mans suit that does not fit well…though Bare wetsuits in canada has a great female cut that will fit like a glove…they are great….Most of the sites have forums so if there are any female related dive questions, these are the places to go.
What is unique about the Miss Scuba site is the networking of women across the globe through profiles and photos….so female instructors can unite internationally, or if you had a great female instructor and would like to dive with her again you might be able to search for her on Miss Scuba! Go to the site and add your profile so that you can meet other women who love to dive!

Szilvia is a great networker herself so if you have inquiries she seems to be the one. Ask away or check out her site to see if there is anything of interest for you. And I will look for a male only site for you men out there…..deservingly so you also need your own site….or collection of sites that celebrate your diving and your love for the sport of diving…..

If you were hoping to get your partner involved in diving, this may be the ticket for you….it is super when a couple can dive together on vacation, it makes it soooo much easier…so if your partner as any hesitation send them to the female portals so thay they can have encouragement from others as to why scuba diving is so much fun!!!!

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