New Year, New Look…..@the Abyss Dive Center


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Happy New Year Everyone!  And welcome to the new look of the ‘Tales of the Blue’ blog!  It was time to make a change, start a bit fresh and just update our look.  It reminds me of when Dave got his hair cut back in 2006, after years and years of long hair.  This blog is our Haircut!

Why did we switch?  We dont want to get technical but this blog platform enables us to do more than our old.  If you have a look, you can sign up for the Blog using your email address so that each time we post you will have the lastest post fed directly into your inbox!  Other back end features also allow us to do faster updates, post directly to facebook, twitter and other social media and for the super geeks out there, this platform has easier ways for us to add widgets, links, etc etc….

Diving is our game, but if we can not communicate to YOU, our customers and friends, about our diving experiences then all the fun is taken out of it. 

Here are a few places that you can stay in contact with us and get up to the minute informatio:

1.  Facebook or become a fan on our fan page!

2.  Join us on twitter at
3.  Check out our photos on Flicker at

The new blog webaddress in case you wish to bookmark it is,  but you can also just sign up for the blog on the right and it will be sent into your email.

Listen up in the next few days for the news that wrapped up 2009 and what is happening in 2010!

Happy New Year everyone and let us know what you think  of the new Look!

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