NEWS, NEWS and more GOOD NEWS!!!


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No Dave is not having another baby and no, no one else is pregnant, or getting married, or doing anything personally life changing….BUT we do have some great news and this is life changing for us and our divers.

WE ARE MOVING TO A NEW PERMANENT LOCATION! Yes you heard and read correctly, we finally have a home and are we so exicted about it!

I don’t think we need to give any details as to why we have waited so long for this. That is just boring. We would rather let you know the exciting details about where we are going to be located, how this benefits you and when we are having the party. It would not be a new Abyss location without a party…right…right.

So after many meetings over beers, glasses of wine, trips to Canada and late night discussions, we have decided to stop this camping out thing as it is geting tedious and boring and secure the dive center at Hotel Tropical Casa Blanca. Where, you say? Hotel Tropical Casa Blanca is located across the street from the Costa Del Mar, about 500 meters from the Blue Parrot, and about 750 meters to the south of our current temporary location. We have a view of the ocean from the dive center, easy access to the beach, dip tanks, a nice bright and big shop and for all of you that have suffered through the last year with us, a shower and bathroom…..need I say more…for all of you that have patiently waited for us to get back to a permanent location, those who have visited and walked 100 meters for a bathroom, or just stepped out back, we are pleased to say we now have a bathroom and all the fixings to go with it!

The location also has a great sitting farea for us. Think of the post dive meetings we need to have that are so important as guides and divers….think of the beers that have to be consumed as part of our post dive briefing…well these times are back….and for all of you wanting to do your open water or specialty courses….there is a pool…my goodness, you say, we went all out..sitting area, across the street form the beach, big dive center, bathroom, close to our favorite hang out The Pirata (they may even deliver) and a pool….what is Senor Dave going to think of next…we still think he should make an agreement with Corona to make our personal labeled beer, but that is another business development idea he can work on in the future…

So October 1 we will open our doors…the official address is 1st Ave between 10th and 12th Street. The party is scheduled for (put this in your calendar) November 25, Thanksgiving weekend….We know that people will be around for that week, so if you were not planning on coming down, or were sitting on the fence about where to spend Thanksgiving, we are hoping that this will change your mind…

So we are back on the blog. News will be filtered through more often as we have arranged a permanent location. Stress levels are down, our staff is thrilled and we look forward to booking your dive vacations with us. The hotel is a great vacationing option if it is that you want to be really close to us…but we will tell you more about that later.

To all of you that have supported us through this last year, thank you. We could not have done it with out you. Your smiles and laughter have brought us though a very strange and surreal year, and we thank you for your support. 2007 could not be any better…..or could it…..

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