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So this is the first time we have written on the blog about the North 22 Project…we just did a special mapping with clients who have been diving with us for 4 years and we decided to write about it.

What a fun week! For tose who have not checked out the North 22 project in Tulum, let me give you a brief description…when Dave decided to open the Tulum shop, he actually did it to find more fun diving adventures for you…our clients. The birth of the North 22 Project came before we opened the shops and we are now actually doing it! We discovered that there are no comprehensive reef maps of the area and want to have one…so if there is not one what else is there to do but make one….and do it with our cliets who always look for other interesting things to do….so stores we opened and maps we are making…

Since the hurricane of October 2005, we have not run the program. Even so, we have to say, we are pretty secretive about it….this is our project and one open to anyone who wants to join us, but we do not talk about it a lot…there is no one here in Tulum who is doing such a thing and once we get the entire map done, then we will post the results….we have no idea what we are going to fnd, we have no idea what the end result will be…so it is best to keep quiet and then talk about it…

The project has you completing a navigation and nitrox course and then we dive, dive, dive…each day brings us new surprises and this week, we had a video camera so there is raw footage of the dives…

The comments thus far from divers are that they enjoy going places that we would not necesarily go to, they are understanding the reef better, they are challenging their diving skills and loving the food that is cooked for them…our cave students already know the secret to the course programs in Tulum…when we have you focussed on programs, multiple courses or techie courses, lunch is provided and they kick ass!!! but back to the diving…..

What was nice about this week is the fact that we now have raw footage of what we are doing and seeing…the map can get even better with this back up and more detailed….thanks for John and Martina, we will be able to show future participants what we do and how we document on the map.

This project will take us a few years to complete….as exciting as it is , it is a grandiouse plan, as Dave only thinks BIG, but little by littel we will get it done….

Look on the website and see if this interests you or a group of friends as this past week, the first mapping week since Wilma was, I think, the most fun diving can be…..

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