North 22

North 22

Well the time has come‡.the official launch of our Abyss Tulum Project that all have been waiting for‡North 22.

This project has been in the works for over 2 years. We were hush, hush about it, opened up a dive center, or two in Tulum with no one the wiser that there was method to the madness or in our case madness to the method.

So what is North 22? It is our way to involve customers in an exciting dive event where you assist in the mapping of the Mesoamerican reef located around the area of Tulum. Since we opened in Tulum, we have not found a comprehensive reef map that outlines, describes or explains the topography or flora and fauna specific to the reef in the area. With the assistance of our loyal customers, we are going to formulate a map, which will outline fish and coral types and of course the best places to dive!

North 22 provides our divers with a unique dive vacation that will enhance their skills, provide a new diving experience along the Mayan Riviera and enable them to assist in the development of the final reef map. All participants will gain recognition on the final map which will assist in the preservation of the reef, enable buoy construction on all dive sites and obtain specialty certifications.

Your dive week is an all-inclusive 7 day dive package with hotel, diving, courses and lunch provided. For project details, dates and reservation information please use the links below. Questions are encouraged and can be made through email at