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Hmmm, I thought the Abyss just relocated to their new permanent location…hmmmm, I thought the Abyss also had two dive centers in Tulum…What could we come up with next….well we have just taken on our own HOTEL which will accommodate all our guests/divers and complete the repertoire of the Abyss. Wonders never cease and yes we are at it again….there is never a dull moment here at the Abyss!

We have not called the hotel the Abyss Hotel, so please don’t go searching on the net for Dave’s Hotel, Nicola’s Hotel or the Abyss Hotel. Hotel Tropical Casa Blanca, the original name which, will be kept, is located with the new Dive Center on 1st Avenue between 10th and 12th Street in front of the Costa Del Mar. This will be the new community hub for divers, golfers, sports enthusiasts and anyone else that cares to join us for a taste of true Abyss Customer Service. We are back as you know us and ready to do what we do best!

So the vision is this; stay and play, relax by the pool, look at the on site cenote, revel in some luxury and be stumbling distance from all amenities. Dive, beach, relax and sleep all in the same area, could it get any better? To top it off, there is a chick in charge of hotel rooms, meaning, the guys are not going to determine luxury or comfort, as we know what that would mean. Nicola will be designing the rooms to make sure you have the comforts of home, the services you need, breakfast in bed, air conditioning and some privacy. The guys will build, and women will put in the ever so important finishing touches…so you will not go without and hopefully, we will think of every detail you will need. The even better news is, the rates will be reasonable and vacations will remain affordable.

This continuum of care has been our desire for over five years. The hotel with the dive center is a community hub where people can relax poolside, book their activities, enjoy other peoples company and stories or find some private space and just read a book. We are there if you need us, or we will assist in maintaining your privacy when you need some quiet time. It is a 20 room hotel with a variety of accommodations. No, this is not a resort, we like it small, so we can provide the personalized service that our clients love us for. There are rooms that provide fully equipped kitchenettes, there are our cozy rooms for those who don’t want to cook while on vacation and we have mid size rooms with king size beds. Each room has air conditioning, great sheets, and imported linens.

The pieze de resistance is the 7 bedroom house, the largest in the area, for families, groups, or a bunch of friends who want to hang together for a week or two…7 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms…how sweet….kitchen facilities, in house cook for your daily needs and located directly across from the beach…

The list goes on and on…..and the website will be up November 1 so you can see the results of a couple months hard work. Stay tuned for the opening November1 and the opening party November 25!

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