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Scuba Diving has been rated one of the top 10 most dangerous sports in the world. In an article written by Forbes, scuba diving and cave diving were both up there. I have to question why scuba diving was #4 on the danger scales and cave diving was #5. I am assuming it has to do with percentages of divers verses diving incidents. There are far more scuba divers than cave divers so the percentage of ‘accidents’ can be mathimatically higher…when looking at probabilities.
That aside, we are proud to be teachers of the one of the most dangerous sports in the world…in the universe and on the planet…who wrote that article anyway…must not be a scuba diver..or a knowledgable scuba diver.
First lets discuss perceptions. There is a perception out there that scuba diving is SCCCaaaRRyyyy!!!! Should we let our little secret out or should we keep it to ourselves. The perception comes from all that weird looking equipment that we have to wear, with hoses, and tubes and that funky black suit and hoods and weight and all things that are not dainty. It is daunting and for the non-diver, super intimidating and super ‘scary’. For the non-techy people, it is even scarier…hence why women joined the scuba diving later….but as we all know, the equipment is easy, it is not as complicated as it looks and we have squashed thousands of beliefs of people who thought scuba was an unattainable sport for them. Bless their hearts, all of you, and I know you know who you are.
Examples of overcoming the Perception. There was a student who was afraid of fish, there was a mom who wantingly supported her entire scuba family, but when it came to her it was…no, no, i possibly could not…she is now certified and joins the family a few times a year on their dives with us. There have been many who came up from their first ocean dive and said, no way…they are all certified now once we discussed how to get the little voice out of their head that said, ‘this is not natural’…
Let me tell you, anything that you do, if you dont have the proper training and knowledge is dangerous. Crossing the street, if you dont know how to look both ways, is more dangerous than scuba diving. When we are three years old, and Dave knows about this with Ryder, you are taught to look both ways so that you can for the rest of your life, cross a street safely. You are not taught about scuba equipment, what it is and how to use it…excect Ryder of course. He had his own mask at the age of one and was being taught how to snorkel. At 2 Dave put a reg in his mouth on land…and now at three we think he is being drilled about scuba equipment and scuba sales…..
Back to our focus. Scuba diving IS dangerous if you do not go through the motions of learning. Scuba diving is dangerous if you dont follow the rules of decompression, or apply what you learned in your diving training thorugh your SSI or PADI courses. BUT if you apply the rules, listen to your qualified dive instructor, and are an aware diver, then you should not have any issues.
We are your gatekeepers. Please remember that. We ask a ton of questions when you are booking or when you arrive so that we are not putting you at risk. We ensure that our dive center is making a great decision for you and your ability as a diver. The questions are sometimes interpreted as annoying and some people insist on diving a profile that they are not ready for. Our philosophy is, there is never a bad dive, diving an easy dive first to get accustomed to the current, the local environment or for our guides to check you out is a good and safe thing to do. Some times things fall through the cracks, a diver states they have dove in the last 6 months, hop on the boat and then we get in the water and the truth comes out as the tears run down their face…’it has been 8 years since i have been in the water, i am not ready for this’. So back on the boat they go, back into the pool they go…they are a bit shaken up so they have to rebuild their trust in their ability. Finally after a whole entire day they are back in the water, enjoying the sport they love. All of this could have been resolved by just letting us know…and we would have been happy to do a refresher with you and get you super comfortable in the water so you have a great dive. lesson learned.
We have millions of stories like this and this is what has built our safety philosophy. Dive a bit under your skill level when entering a new environment, so that you have a super great dive. Listen to the suggestions of our qualified staff so that you and them have a great time. You can always dive again, and you can continue to build your endurance. Would you run a marathon if you had not run for 6 months, a year, or even 8 years on your first day back to running…Hell no….you would do it little by little…and scuba diving is the same way….don’t go out to a 30 meter dive in angelita after you have not been diving for over a year..come, play lets see how you do and let us suggest some dives that would be good for you or confirm that your dive choice is a great choice for you. We want you to keep diving with us and we want you to have a great time….dive safety philosophy item 2…fun…
We at the Abyss Dive Center have been using this philosophy for years. It works by the way, and we have the million stories to prove it. We have taken people who thought they would never dive and made them divers, regular divers, not just recreational a few times a decade divers. We have nurtured divers from being out of the water to being back into the water due busy lives. We have taken people from open water to dive master and instructor levels as a way to nurture their dreams. It happened to us a long time ago, someone was good to us, a dive instructor was patient with us and taught us how to make a dive safely..and we want to pass that on to you.
So if you have always dreamt of being a diver or thought you could never get back in the water, or thought that scuba diving was way to dangerous, give it a try or should we say, give us a try and lets see if we can erase those fears, those visions and unnecesary gremlims that exist in your head about diving. Let us turn you into a diver who is passionate about what they do, just like us.

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