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Well, it happened, the baby is here and we are all still in shock! David Tomlinson is now the proud father of a little baby boy. Okay, details, details we know. Thank goodness this is being reported by a woman or else you would probably just get ´yes, it is boy. Lets have a beer.´

So Ryder, as he has been named, was born May 20, 2005 to David Tomlinson, the brainchild and guru of the Abyss Dive Center and his right hand woman, Julie in the wee hours of the morning. After a last minute decision to have a c-section was made in the wee hours of the morning, with the proud parents bringing Ryder home to Playa Del Carmen two days later . Julie, bless her heart, is doing well and settling in to motherhood beautifully. Ryder is a great baby and as you can see a beauty! We have decided that he has Dave´s feet and of course his hair (though we were expecting a pony tail but i guess that will come later) and has inherited Julie´s nose, eyes and mouth. The legs, well that will take some time, not sure if they are Julie´s or Dave´s. (sorry those were chick details, but good ones)

So, thank goodness for grandparents, as Dave´s parents were here for two weeks at the time of the birth and Julie´s mom has quickly followed for 10 days. We have kicked Dave out of the dive centers for a while so that he can settle into his new lifestyle and get to know his new little one.

The staff have been very supportive of this transition and continue to take our customers to the ocean and cenotes. Business is as usual though we always look forward to Papa´s return.

So who would have guessed. It is true, Dave is dad and he is very happy with this addition. Many of our customers have known Dave for many years, we have all known Dave for many years. This day, we thought, would never come but times change and things move forward. Dave assures us that things will not change, especially beers after the dives (which I have to say have not) but I think we will see Senor David settle into fatherhood well.

To Dave and Julie, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Well-wishers can email us at Dave is on email everyday now at 5 a.m. waiting to feed his new one. How bizzare…but true. Yes I give my head a shake each time I call and hear a crying baby in the background.

So, come and visit so you can get a glimpse at the next new Abyss dive instructor in the making…..this is a great excuse to come for a summer break and share in the pure joy of this moment.

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