Part 2… Cantil Dive Playa del Carmen Riviera Maya


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Part 2…

The dive plan. Depth 42 metres, bottom time, 20 minutes. The ascent, three minutes at 15 metres, two minutes at 9 metres, two minutes at 6 metres, fifteen minutes at 5 metres. Diving tables.

After a choppy boat ride, the group was dropped off over top the cantil. Nothing but dark blue below. It took eight minutes to reach the edge of the cantil.

“We just flew down” says Johnny. “we were in the middle of the blue and then we were level with this huge sloping wall. It gives you the feeling that it is the end of the earth.”

A reef on a grand scale and it didn’t disappoint. Johnny
Gets the credit for sea life sightings.

“At one point we saw a huge sea turtle sitting on the edge of the cantil, then a bull shark came out in front of us, it appeared out of the dark and followed the edge of the cantil, it was like wow! It didn’t even pay attention to us, like a commuter on the way to work.” Johnny Faulds.

“It was fantastic” says Dean, his face lighting up. “I was blown away by the size (of the sea life) and the variety. We saw a remora and that meant there were bigger customers around. An eight foot bull shark! Just a beautiful shark, it just went about its business. I saw the biggest parrot fish in my life and a big fat thick barracuda”

Though none of the abyss staff are first timers to the cantil, the beauty of it never escapes them. The dive extraordinary because they got to do it together and take some guests along. Dean got the dive he wanted and…

“It was something we wanted to do for Johnny; we wanted to show him the cantil”. Ross Anderson

So, the dive didn’t go exactly as planned, even though the plan was on dive tables, Dean’s sunnto kicked in some conservative numbers, telling him he needed a 25 minute deco stop at five meters, so he wanted to do it. But air was good and the rest of the group stayed above and within sight to wait out Deans stop. In all it was a ninety minute dive!

Katy couldn’t have said it better. “it was a lovely, lovely dive. A great experience”.

“As a business owner, I love to have staff functions. It’s a great shop bonding experience. It builds camaraderie and teamwork. This felt similar and I felt chuffed to be included. It was nice of Dave to run the front of the dive shop. Whoo hoo”. Johnny Faulds

Whoo hoo indeed, Dean is already pestering Dave for a repeat performance.

By Denelle Balfour

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