Peter Makes Scuba Diving History


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Now normally when we post something like this it is because a diving professional makes new depths or is awarded for excellence in the diving Hall of Fame or does something no other diver has done….well, our Peter, has done the unknown….and this should and I think will make, all scuba diving books.

First let me introduce Peter if you dont already know who he is. Peter is an instructor from Sweden who stumbled upon the Abyss Dive Center after Christmas. We welcome him to our team and continue to enjoy his sense of humor, diving skill and well, you have to meet him, but we just enjoy having Peter around. He works hard, loves what he does and particularly loves to dive.

So a few days ago, he was teaching some students their skills off the shore, as the pool was being overhauled, and everyone was amazed at the amount of small crabs that were in the water. It made the class fun and gave the new students some eye candy while they went through their drills. Their dive was great, with more things to see, and all was wrapped up for the day. Seeminlgly uneventful until they left…..

At 5:30 p.m., Peter ran to the hotel and asked Nicola to look in his ear….as he thought he had a crab in his ear….you can imagine the laughter that echoed throughout the hotel. Trying not to embarrass the poor thing, Nicola checked his ears and suggested he go to the Hyperbaric chamber after work and have the new ear camera check things out.

Off Peter went to the Chamber to have this annoying crackling checked out in his ears…to make a long story short, the ear camera was put into his left ear, went around the corner of his eardrum and there was the hermit crab, big eyes and all….the doctor and Peter jumped as this entire investigation is viewed on television……a 34 inch screen for all to see. Now we dont want to keep laughing but this is the first time in the history of scuba we have ever heard of an instructor with a crab in his ear…as this is being written we still can not stop laughing…a crab in the ear….who would have ever guessed…..

The next task, now that it was confirmed that there truly was a crab in Peter’s ear, was to get it out….how did the Doctor do it you ask…with a huge syringe of OLIVE OIL that forced the poor animal out…when it ran out looking for air, or water, Peter and the Doctor jumped again as it was hanging from Peter’s earlobe for dear life….

So Scuba History has been made….a crab in the ear with no damage to anyone….or anything….just a few scratches and a whole lot of laughs….Peter has pictures if you want to see them…he may be selling them to pay for his bill at the Chamber…

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