Photo Friday – Moray Eel in Playa del Carmen


Photo Friday

If there is one ocean creature we can guarantee in the Mayan Rivieria, it is the eel! Playa del Carmen divers can see small moray eels, green eels and in some cases, huge green moray eels where their head is a big as a scuba divers head! Sushi is not a big dish in Playa del Carmen so the population of eels may be due to them not be considered a delicacy.

One of our divers who is a great photographer, just submitted this underwater photo to us while diving with Luis on Moc Che reef. Richard also submitted a lionfish underwater photo that you can see here.

Playa del Carmen diving Moray eel - Abyss Dive Center

Copyright Richard Gehrke – OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Have some great underwater photos from Playa del Carmen or the Mayan Riviera that you want to share? Post them on your Facebook profile and tag us or just directly post to the Abyss Dive Center fan page. Let us know what you used to shoot the photo and where you were!

  1. Francois Leblanc01-27-14

    My wife and i plan to do our certification (in the sea) for the open water diver cours, we already have our certification in the pool we need a safe place to do it with good masterdiver.

    thanks in advance

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