Reef Overview

Reef Overview

Playa del Carmen is one of the Caribbean’s best-kept secrets for divers. Located along the second largest barrier reef in the world, the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, this dive destination is becoming a popular spot for beginner and experienced divers. With over 15 dive sites within a 6 km radius, boat rides are minimal leaving more time for diving and relaxation. The highlight in this area is the vast and varying amount of sea life that live among gardens of soft coral. Visibility can reach up to 30m/100ft in this drift diving environment.

(The Chiminey/Green Wall)

This mini wall is known for its coral Chimney, turtles and 10m/30ft wall of hard and soft corals contrasted with sand mounds. A Deep dive for more experienced diver.

Minimum Depth 20m/66ft, Maximum Depth 30m/100ft

Los Arcos (The Arches)

A deep dive with coral walls and arches for the experienced diver that is home to moray eels, groupers and stingrays within a delicate mix of hard and soft coral.

Minimum Depth 25m/75ft, Maximum Depth 30m/100ft

Cerebros (The Brain)

Scenic underwater landscape predominated by large brain coral formations, small crustaceans and schools of tropical fish.

Minimum Depth 10m/33ft, Maximum Depth 14m/45ft

Moc Che (The Trees)

This dive sight can be viewed at multiple depths. If taken to the limit of 30 m, turtles, king crabs and moray eels can be seen living in the large barrel sponges. When opting for the shallower portion of the reef, hundreds of fish of varying species can be found with the collection of soft coral.

Minimum Depth 7 mts/23ft, Maximum Depth 33m/100ft


Large reef site filled with soft coral gardens and caverns, it is home to many schools of grunts, pork fish, spotted and green moray eels and butterfly fish.

Minimum Depth 10m/33ft, Maximum Depth 14m/45ft


A site named after it is inhabitants, this finger shaped reef leaves the diver with many overhangs to explore.

Minimum Depth 10m/33ft, Maximum Depth 14m/45ft

Sabalos (Tarpon)

A demanding shallow reef that is a mix of both large coral gardens and sandy terrain. This is home to large schools of snappers, spade fish and tarpons measuring 6 feet or more.

Minimum Depth 12m/36ft, Maximum Depth 18m/60ft

Tortuga (Turtles)

Playa’s most sought after dive site due to the amount of hawksbill and loggerhead turtles that live in the flat coral garden.

Minimum Depth 18m/66ft, Maximum Depth 25m/80ft


A delight for divers who want to see a variety of tropical fish in one area that are attracted to the soft and hard corals.

Minimum Depth 20m/70ft, Maximum Depth 27m/85ft

Punta Venado

A large coral garden filled with hard corals, trunk fish, tangs, parrot fish, file fish, nurse sharks and moray eels.

Minimum Depth 20m/70ft, Maximum Depth 27m/85ft

Mama Vina

A Shrimp boat sunk in 1995 to create an artificial reef within the area. This is a trip for experienced divers only.

Minimum Depth 20m/60ft, Maximum Depth 30m/100ft