Riviera Maya Fish Fridays-Blue Chromis


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Common Name: Blue Chromis

Latin NameChromis cyanea


Location: Caribbean, Florida, Bahamas also Gulf of Mexico and Bermuda


Distinct Features and Information: Body bright blue, scarcely paler below, with black stripe. Black margin on spinous dorsal fin, upper and lower lobes of caudal fin and front of anal fin; no black spot at pectoral base. Common above deep outer reefs and feeds in aggregations of the small zooplankton, primarily copepods. Often with Creole wrasse. Retreats into coral crevices when frightened. Sexes appear similar and juveniles resemble adults.

Dawn: Fish emerge from their shelter and rise above the reef to feed on plankton
Day: Chromis feed in schools above the reef; spawning also occurs during the day
Dusk: Fish seek out shelter and bed-down for the night
Night: Fish remain hidden in the reef until sunrise

Size: 3-4 in. (5cm).

Special Status or Protections: None

Blue Chromis Juvenile

Blue Chromis Intermediate

Blue Chromis Adult

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