Silence is Golden


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There was a little revelation the other day…and we, at the Abyss Dive Center, must share.

After a dive, having a few beers, chatting about diving, life and life in ‘Reality’, our discussion led to the new IPhone, as people pulled out their PDAs after the dive to discuss locations and fish types. Some people went on google earth to check out where they were, some went to to check out fish types, some just checked thier emails to see what happened during their dive. Others emailed their friends to commnicate what a great dive they had….

The conversation led to this….people admitted where they did their emails…I am not sure if I want to share this, but some admitted that they would sit in the bathroom and do emails…..where are the limits people…have we really become this attached or should we say addicted to our communication/PDA’s to interfere with private functions while doing emails. All of us that live Mexico were shocked…not surprised, not agast, shocked that people would do this….

This led to a very interesting discussion that THE ONLY PLACE IN THE WORLD THAT PEOPLE HAVE PIECE IS ON A DIVE! Now we know that Dave is not a techie when it comes to communication. We know that Nicola is somewhat obsessive about her computer, but it is a big old lap top….we also are somwhat wireless challenged in the area, meaning we have it at the hotel, but we can not necessarily be in contact and connected like the United States, Europe and Canada, so though the new IPhone would be nice…it is a bit excessive for us down here. This concept of sitting and doing emails in a personal place is so foreign to us, we had to laugh….what made us super happy is that we offer the last place in the world where everyone can have peace….the ocean.

Now we dont want to give anyone or any business a big idea, meaning opening up a business opportunity to fill a market void. The ocean is not a void and does not need to be filled with IPhones, Blackberrys or whatever devices people are using. We do not want to see that cell phones, PDA’s and any other device can be taken to depth underwater. And if anyone does try to do this, we will ban all electronic communication devices on our boat….except for our emergency radios, GPS’s and dive computers. Our excuse will not be that it interferes not with the electronic operations and safety of the boat operations, like airplanes claim, but the use of these devices will interfere with the safety and pleasure of our divers!

Though these devices, and we will call them that, can be useful, we also are still living a life here that tries to get people to disconnect; disconnect from their brain, from their responsibilities, their stresses. We will boldly claim that we are the ‘Stress Busters’ looking to preserve not only the ecology of the environment but also the ‘ecology of the human spirit’!

We could go on forever, and discuss this concept of the maintaining the clean state of the human spirit, but we wont….all we ask is this. Each day for 35 minutes, turn off your PDA, and pretend you are diving on Tortuga reef. The 35 minutes equals the dive time for this location. Imagine that you are underwater where no one can contact you….imagine your neutral buoyancy and the feeling of freedom you have as you look for turtles, as you see another world and forget for 35 minutes that anyone else exists….We can almost guarantee that if you do this, you will be more productive each and everyday as you have descended into the ‘silence’ zone where other things matter, not your PDA.

After 35 minutes or if you want to stretch it, put in a 40 minute surface interval, and have some peace for a little while. The Ecology of the Human Spirit is as important as the ecology of the enviroment….as we request in the water, please dont touch, we will now also request, turn off your PDA for 35 minutes per day so that you dont pollute your spirit….

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