Snow? We Only Know Sun…and Warmth and Ocean


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The news has travelled fast. There seems to be snow up north, sorry about that….we honestly did not order it for our friends in Canada and United States, we swear! It seemed to just happen early this year…

So you know what we are going to say, take advantage of the great flight deals prior to Christmas and head south for some warmer weather and water. Today it is sunny skies, no wind and warmth….I think we need to switch from the short sleeve shirt to the no sleeve shirt….to add to injury, yours not ours, there is little humidity…oh sorry, did mean to temp you…so lets recap, warm air, sun, little humidity, flat oceans, night dive tonight, not many people in the cenotes, shoud we do on….

The hotel has some spots left up until the 15th of December and if you have not seen our new packages for 2008 i would get on the websites or and see what may interest you. We have different accomodation types for different group sizes. Now that the house is done and ready to rent, your thoughts of coming to Playa del Carmen with a gang of divers can come to fuition. Imagine, you and 11 of your closest friends travelling to Playa Del Carmen for a week of diving. I don’t think life can get any better. It is better than going to the cottage in the summer and even better than taking off and go skiing this winter.

Packages are inexpensive, and for those who have stayed here before you know that there is not another place in the world (okay that comment may have been a bit extreme but we like to think that it is true) that treats you with such care and consideration. Think about it, wake up, put on your bathing suit, walk 10 meters, have a coffee, walk 3 meters, get your dive gear, pile onto a boat and presto you are in the Caribbean Ocean pronto!!! No tanks to lug, no kelp to wait through, no taxi, no travelling, NADA!

So as you sit and look out your window be it in your office, you house or your car, and see the gray skies and dreary weather, think of us, in the blue on land and in the blue under the ocean…we are reminded each day and no regrets that we are in Mexico…

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