SSI and PADI may actually have scuba diving right


Diving is a great community sport

SSI dive courses in the Riviera Maya

Remember back to you SSI and PADI videos when you were training as an open water diver. Every single dive student cringed at the SSI and PADI dive statements, Make friends, go places and serious diving, serious fun. Dive instructors have heard these lines a million times and the ’80 style videos were a bit much but in some reflection they actually, in their marketing kinda way, are right. Divers do have fun, they do go places, it is serious but it is fun.

Dive travel is part of being a scuba diver

scuba diving is a world wide global sport

Whether you travel to the local lake, a foreign country or a neighboring state, diving requires travel. Depending on what interests you, you may travel close to home or you may end up travelling the planet. There are zillions of places to dive, some better than others but really diving will take you all over the world if you let it. And many scuba divers let the sport determine their next dive destination.

Diving is a community sport and creates lifetime bonds

Scuba diving in the Riviera Maya creates life long friends

You are trusting people with your life, even if you are a great diver. Your dive buddy is your life support system and there is something to be said about that bond. Whether you know your dive buddy or not, it is guaranteed that your dive buddy has your back. Whether you are in open water or in cave systems, your dive buddy is looking our for you and themselves. Diving is not competitive,it is a community sport that depends on other people joining you for a dive. The very nature of this, makes it a great way to meet new people, meet new friends, and nurture some pretty strong bonds. Very few sports do this. Scuba diving successfully does this.

2012 PADI and SSI videos – imagine if you were the video developer

So if you were the video producer of nre PADI of SSI videos, what would you put as the tag line for scuba diving. Here at the Abyss, we have adopted ‘Come dive with us, it is what we do best.’ what would you propose for new 2012 scuba agency videos? Would you highlight the fun, the ease, the diversity of diving as a sport. Would you highlight the environmental, the sustainable or the Eco-consciuosness of the sport? Tell us what you love about diving and why you are hooked on the sport either as a recreational diver or a dive professional. Comment below and let us know. We know why we love it but would love to know why you love it!

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