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SSI Online Training & Online Services
SSI, our diving certification partner has started a great online training program that we need to Shout Out!  Their theory and video portion of the the open water course for all those busy people out there is for free!  Yes you heard us, for free! 

Here is how it works.  Go to our website, and click on the SSI certification logo in the upper  left hand corner.  If you are reading this blog post you can click on the SSI badge above or below to join today! Once you are directed to their page, you will be able to register yourself with the Abyss Dive Center and we will receive notification that you have signed up for the open water course through our email.  The theory portion of your course will be conducted through the SSI website using their online modules.

Once you are ready to book your dives and skills portion of your open water course with us in mexico, just shoot us an email and let us know when you are coming.  We will book you into our daily schedule so that you can finish your practicals, pool skills and 4 dives in 2 to 3 days. 

This is a great way to learn at your own pace, utilize your spare time for your classes, complete the theory portion of your course before you arrive or if you wish just learn more about diving if it is that you want to understand the sport of diving if your partner dives. 

SSI is the only certifying agency that offers free online training.  We are always just an email away if you are really struggling for any reason.  we are happy to support you through the process if you wish.  Alternatively, if you dont have time at home, you can still conduct the online training while you are here, and can do it at your leisure in your hotel room, in the reception of our hotel, at the dive center or on the beach if you have a connection.  Oh what a dream that would great is that!!!

If you still like the book in your hand, doing the reading and theory on paper, you can still enroll for the paper theory.  But this is a great option for those who want a bit of freedom, who want to finish this portion before they arrive or for those who now prefer working off their computers instead of paper books. 

Sign up today and read your SSI theory portion of your open water course..
SSI Online Training & Online Services

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