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So if you have been following the news, Dave has decided to set up a temporary location down the beach so we can assess the structural damage at the Dive Center. Our manana world seems to be turning into proxima semana (next week) so we decided to relocated for a few weeks…

The temporary location is three hotels south on the beach at CORTO MALTESE HOTEL which, is at the bottom of 10th street. Inga, who is a customer or ours, friend and the current owner of the hotel, kindly offered this location to us after hearing about our situation…..thanks Inga, you are a star….and she has agreed to do the BBQ´s as well! Yipeeee!!!! SATURDAY NIGHT BEACH BBQS ARE BACK! Inga is a great cook and can put many to shame with her menus so if you are in town, come and join us on Saturday nights…..

Now for logistics…we know logistics are not supposed to be a part of your vacation so we have minimized this part. Our dive schedule remains the same, meeting time 8:30 a.m. for the two tank morning dive, 12:30 snorkel trip and 1:30 meeting time for the afternoon dives. Night dives are available for those who desire…boats are being parked at the Costa Del Mar outside the Pirata, so you will not have to walk too far….and signs will be up for all to see on the beach…so really, there are no logistics….same old, same old…

Dave and all the employees will be floating around on the beach if they are not floating around in the water with divers, so look for the familiar faces of Oscar, Fernando, Gabino and of course Jefe David. Oh and by the way, there is a bar at the hotel, a beach bar with food, for your post-dive cocktail and snack. Nothing really will change except the size and shape of the dive center so things will still be familiar. We even think, though can not confirm yet , that beers are cheaper….heheheheh.

If you are not sure where the bottom of 10th street is, (straight down the street from Java Joe´s and the Rana Cansada) or not too sure which way is south, (Navigation Specilaty may be needed if you are confused) just give us a quick email and we can provide you with full directions from your hotel.

As soon as we find the proxima semana god who can help us with this little teeny, weeny problem that may or may not exist in the building of the original Abyss, we will let you know. I feel like we are introducing a new product like Coca Cola did and may end up with the New Abyss and the Abyss Classic…..sounds like it is time to open the public offering of the Abyss, sell shares and get a Board of Directors….the dive centers are multiplying faster than Dave can have kids!!! Look out!!!!

The Saturday Night BBQ this coming Saturday will be a bash, so dont miss it! All our firends from Playa Del Carmen, Tulum and all diver friends will be down on the beach so come andjoin in the fun….7 p.m. sharp soyou dont miss the first beer bucket to be handed out and the first beers to be drunk to celbrate the re-opening of the Dive Center after Wilma. Cheers!

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