Thank God for the Brits!!!!


I am on a roll, and this now is the coolest picture I have seen since my last one, posted 24 hours ago. The daily Telegraph reported, very briefly on the migration of over 10,000 rays (i beleive they call them eagle rays…not) from Florida to The Gulf Of Mexico. This is an annual event folks, and I want to see it!!!! And I am sure that you too would love to witness this amazing fleet of rays moving through the water.
This is the link to the article. It is just a mention of the migration pattern, and I have no idea how I am going to find it, but your help would be greatly appreciated. Other than the great picture I posted the other day, this is truly a beauty.
Now we all know that the WhaleSharks migrate each year from Honduras to The Gulf Of Mexico in May and then return in September. See my post in June. The annual migration pattern of the rays in my mental files is not known yet, but let me see what I can do to dig up some information. I think I am going to start drinking the Gulf Of Mexico water as there obviously is something spectacular in it that encourages the annual migration of some of the most incredible species in the world. Maybe I will turn into a mermaid, how great would that be.
I have to state the ironic part of me discoverying this article, though I should not mention it as my eco-consconscience is tweeking madly. On the same page that I found this amazing, wonderful article, I also found one about the discovery of the largest oil field found to date in the Gulf of Mexico….gasp! so lets not discuss it, lets not talk about it, I just had to mention this little eco-irony to the research.
So who ever took this, and this time I have to honour the British, thank you for this wonderful display of migration, in such a beautiful, beautiful photo. God Save the Queen…..

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