The All new Fish Fridays! All you need to know about: Harlequin Pipefish


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Common Name:Harlequin Pipefish

Scientific NameMicrognathus Ensenadae

Where to Spot them here: There´s a resident Harlequin Pipefish at Moc Che right now. Also, the coral rubble at Sabalos and Barracuda is always a good place for pipefish spotting for those divers with a keen eye!

How to identify them: Pipefish look like straight-bodied seahorses. The name is derived from the peculiar form of their snout, which is like a long tube, ending in narrow and small mouth which opens upwards and is toothless.  Most species of pipefish are less than 20 cm in length and narrow.

What you may not know about them: There are approximately 200 species of pipefish. Pipefish, like their seahorse relatives, leave most of the parenting duties to the male. Male pipefish have a specially developed area to carry eggs, which are deposited by the female

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