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In case you have not heard, in case you are not aware, the summer here in Playa Del Carmen brings in the Huge, gigantic Tarpons. And they are back in full force….

Is it May, Oops June already…we soooo get lost in our routine. The indicator for us that it is summer is the return of the Tarpons and from what I hear, the divers have been seeing them now for weeks. So in case you did not know, it is summer and we are kicking some ass in the ocean.

So what is a Tarpon. Well, the official description is this..

last ray of dorsal fin extended into long filament; one dorsal fin; back dark blue to green or greenish black, shading into bright silver on the sides; huge scales; mouth large and points upward. slow grower; matures at 7 to 13 years of age; spawning occurs between May and September; female may lay more than 12 million eggs; can tolerate wide range of salinity; juveniles commonly found in fresh water; can breathe air at surface; feeds mainly on fish and large crustaceans.

Our description is this…

Big huge silver fish that move in large schools and hang with the turtles on the Reef called ‘Tortuga”. Some are biger than you and they will play with you under the water if you are so inclined. They are located on the reef at about 60ft/18m and will be here until winter hits (November)

Roger took a great picture the other day as he inched to the face, the huge face of this fish…he was able to show the size of the Tarpon bu having a diver in the background. Good job Roger! Nice Pic.

Now very few know that there is a portion of the cave system that houses a school of Tarpon. Think how surprised the cave divers were when they thought maybe there were other divers but came across a school of tarpons..oops, there are fish in the caves…(this is the cave system not the caverns so unless you are cave certified we can not share this experience.)

So what else can we say. Book a flight and come and hang out with the fish and the instructors..all have a great experience to offer and all love the water!

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