There is no BP oil in the Mexican Carribean or on the shores of mexico at all


As instructors, we love to teach, and that can go beyond scuba diving.  As business owners in mexico, we feel we have a responsibility to teach others about what we have learned while working here, the culture, the environment, day to day stuff.

For the last few weeks we have had some emails from people hoping to come to for a visit in the next few weeks, inquiring about the beaches and if they have been effected by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  We are back into geography lessons similar to the ones where people thought the Cuidad de Juarez was the country of Mexico, not a city in the north that is about 4 days travel from Playa del Carmen.

It seems there is a connection in peoples minds with the Gulf of Mexico and Mexico.  and this is correct, there is a portion of Mexico that boarders the Gulf of Mexico, this being north of Cancun and travelling north by north east.  What people seem to forget is that the United States also borders ont eh Gulf of mexico, with more states actually bordering the Gulf than the states of Mexico it self.

What is effecting the BP oil spill are currents, ocean currents that are a bit odd in the gulf due to the Gulf Stream, the Yucatan Channel and the currents coming from the Atlantic.  This is why the oil is going to the north instead of to the south.  I read on a form the other day that people seem to believe that the oil is coming south and hitting the shores of the Riviera Maya….I will let you have a look at the currents and make your own conclusion if this is possible.  As divers we have to pay attention to the currents and we do this daily.  There is no indication that this part of mexico is threatened in any way of having oil on the beaches.

So let me show you how this is not possible and let you know that THERE IS NO BP OIL IN THE RIVIERA MAYA!!!

The threat unfortunately is for Florida and the eastern coast of the United States.  We are praying each day that BP finds a solution to this disaster and finds a way to clean up their mess.  Our thougths are with our friends in the US….including the fish, the creatures and the coral that could be effected.

Study this so that you are informed.  Lets not have another issue like we did with the Cuidad de Juarez…mexico is too beautiful of a place to have assumptions made and people find out it is not correct..

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