Toronto to Cancun $89 CDN!


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So we did a little test, a search to see where flight prices were for those in Canada, actually those in Toronto (sorry but that was a no brainer for us Canadians) and found flights for $89 Cdn through Skyservice on the 6th of December! Now the taxes are a killer, $277 Cdn but that still puts people at $366 Cdn for a return one week flight to Cancun!

Now we think this is the bargain of the century and considering the current weather conditions where people are, this might be the break you looking for.

The website was and the searches can be done for any part of canada. IF others want to check out last minute deals for other parts of Canada or the US then check on and see what you come up with. The airlines seem to be selling off seats before the Christmas rush starting about the 20th of December.

So get on it, there are no excuses for not coming for a week of diving and rest….you will be stellar and ready to receive the Christmas holidays once you have chilled out a bit in the ocean, on the beach, at the Saturday Night BBQs.

For those who do not live in the Toronto area, we think you too can find a deal to Cancun. Don’t let you boss konw you are surfing the net looking for a deal at work. But you could surprise your other half with a quick trip or early Christmas present at this price.

Let us know if you are coming and the Hotel does have some rooms from now until the 20th of December. if you were able to get this deal with the flight and booked at the hotel, your vacation would only be 650 Cdn per person…but hey who is counting.

We say BOOK IT…but hey who are we but just a bunch of crazy divers who love to be in water all day, who live in Mexico full time and just hang out….

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