We are new parents!


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New parents of a different sort. No, Senor Dave did not have another child, we have new baby turtles in the cenote at the hotel….they are the littlest, cutest things we have ever seen!!!!

For weeks now we have been waiting for four eggs to hatch in the cenote. They were discovered about two months ago and we have been carefully watching them and waiting. Catalino, our maintanence guy was convinced about week ago that the cats that like to frequent the property had eaten the eggs…I tell you our opinion of the cats had changed pretty drastically. But now we know the truth, the eggs had hatched and we have two maybe three little turtles in the cenote.

This is a nice surprise after our 5 days of hard work…Flavio discovered the turtles as he was resting. our favorite pasttime is to watch the turtles and fish when we need a break. There was a scream and a yell, then in spanish ‘Hay Tortugas, chiquitas!’ Everyone came to look and there were two….little tiny green turtles that would trying to climb the wall of the cenote as if to get out….so in we went and checked on them…how precious and what a great gift…

So we are all now mamsitas and papacitos, not just Dave..the question is who was the dad who make the turtles pregnant…..that we will never know…..

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