We on the move AGAIN


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So we are patiently waiting for the Blue Parrot location to be done…it has been a long time and it seems that they are working on the structure…we will have a new look when we get in so be ready…

In the meantime, we have had to shift locations. The local businesses of Playa Del Carmen are being very generous, trying to help us stay open while we wait for the Mexican work to be done…nothing moves fast here…though we think it does sometimes…but for whatever reasons this is not moving fast enough…so our time is up at the Corto Maltese and we have found yet another location…downt he street on 1st Avenue bewteen 12th and 14th….it is a great location and the guys flipped it in a number of days…great job they did and we are very proud of their work….Nicola held the fort in Tulum….and the guys stepped outside the box and painted, cleaned, designed…and dove….we love them really we do…I think that Dave should open up a business of dive center design as he is getting very, very good at this….

So pop by and say hi….Check out the location and see what we have up our sleeves…it is always something….our next move should be back to the Boue Parrot…fingers crossed…we will let you know…

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