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The largest fish in the world have come to Holbox for thier summer migration. Peter made the first trip, an onvernight trip and it was fabulous! Whalesharks, eagle rays, manta rays, a few dolphins and I think a few flamingos were thrown in there as well….

The two day snorkel trip, yes we have to stress that it is only snorkeling, diving is not allowed, is a great way to do the Whalesharks. It is relaxing, you can enjoy the island for a few hours and you can get a good nights sleep. Trip details are listed on the webpage at www.abyssdivecenter.com and we can usually do arrange things pretty quickly, so if you decide at the last minute to come and visit, book in at our hotel, www.tropicalcasablanca.com dive for a day, go on the trip and you can come back for either a quick exit back home (4 days) or stretch it out a little longer and dive some more!

The house is ready for groups so if a bunch of you wnat to come and make a time out of it….check out the webiste ofr the house details. House rentals include a cook so it makes your trip a breeze.

For those who only want a one day trip to the Whalesharks, we do this to, but it is an early start and a late finish. The issue is this, we have to be on the boat for 6 30 am to get to the whalesharks before they sink under the water to get away from the heat, so get ready for a 2 30 am start…now we know that vacation time is limited, so one day trips can and will be done…there is just les time on the island.

So let us know what you want to do, send us an email at info@abyssdiveshop.com and tell us you are coming! All will be taken care of once you arrive…but you already know that, as time and time again, we try to meet and exceed your expectations.

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