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So get this one. Oscar, our lovely Instructor from Mexico City, is back from a few months in Europe. He went to learn Italian (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) and we hear his impromtu teachers were some beautiful women…

But anyway back to the story. He went on his first morning dive since his return, Islote to be exact, with four customers from Spain. After descending to 25 meters/78 feet, he saw a big dark cloud come over his head…rain…NO, A WHALE SHARK MIGRATING TO HONDURAS…it is that time of year and normally, we don’t see them on their back down the coast…but Senor Oscar and the clients looked up and all of them stopped dead in their tracks. The unfortunate thing was they were too deep to ascend safely to go and play with the whaleshark…by the time the started to slowly come up a few meters the whaleshark was directly above, looked down at these humans who were breathing under water and decided to run….

Four divers came back at noon with the biggest smiles on their faces….Oscar was jumping up and down happy to be back …nice first dive back in the water Oscar…and by the way welcome back!

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