what´s so cool about Tortugas


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You reach the site, excited at the prospect of seeing your first sea turtle. After all the site is named after them!  You have been briefed that Tortugas is a gradually sloping bottom with no wall, and as you descend to see corals and sponges that appear to stretch unendingly in every direction across the bottom beneath you.

You get down to about 60 ft but see that the reef continues deeper, presumably to the blue abyss. You remain at this depth as you have been told that this is where the turtles hang out. This is going to be an easy dive. There is a steady current in the direction you want to go, which allows you to fly effortlessly without even a fin kick.

And so the ride begins. You fly over huge barrel sponges, big enough to climb into if the urge took you. You decide not to, as in a couple you spot large striped lion fish, sheltering from the current.

The reef here is buzzing with activity, everywhere you look is a fish of a different size or shape going about it´s daily activities.

In a small archway in a rock you spot a baby nurse shark. His light grey eye appears to be unseeing. You believe that  this unmoving creature cannot possible be related to the main apex predator of the ocean. But shiver briefly at the prospect of seeing his larger mama!

Briefly you turn into the current, and under a coral head you spot the protruding spines of a couple of reef lobsters. Not wanting to burn too much air you allow the current to drift you away.

Out of the corner of your eye you spot a green steak and turn to see a giant Green Moray gliding between the rocks. He is chasing the fish, or are the fish chasing him?

Then you spot exactly what you came for. As he gracefully lifts his head, his camouflage is broken. You spot an old man of the deep, a turtle. He seems unaware as you hover over him, admiring his beautiful shell. This one turtle becomes many and in each direction as you drift you come a cross turtles of different shapes and sizes munching on the coral. Your dive objective is met!

Then one last treat. As the corals and sponges turn into turtle grass you spot a graceful flying formation of a Spotted Eagle Ray, He remains below you for your safety stop.

As you slowly ascend at the end of your dive, you vow to return another time!

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