What´s so cool about…The Bull Shark Dive?


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You have a small knot of nervous anticipation in your stomach. You have been briefed that there is an element of danger in this dive that does not exist on all dives. Bull Sharks are one of the sharks attributed to shark attacks around the world. You have been assured that these attacks have never been on divers. But still the latent fear remains. You believe that for you, as for most people, the fear must stem from watching “Jaws” too many times as a child.

The boat ride is short, you cannot believe how close to the beach these creatures are thriving. As you get geared up, everyone on the boat is a bit more subdued than normal, a few making jokes, but there is a general nervous excitement in the group.

As you begin your descent you look down. Straight away you spot the unmistakable shape of a gray bull shark, 90 feet below you on the white sand. A broad snout, large triangular pectoral fins to its right and left and the dorsal fin on top. It sweeps its tail from side to side, moving rapidly. Then, another shark cuts across in front of that one.

As you continue to descend your heart begins to beat a little more rapidly. You see that you are heading down into the middle of group of about 15 bull sharks zig-zagging the sand. You begin to question your mental state.

You settle yourself with the group on the bottom, trying to stay as still as possible to prevent stirring up the sand. You decide low viz is last thing you want to create on this dive.

As you watch the sharks, your nervousness slips away. They are so serene, moving effortlessly in their own environment. You feel privileged to be down here with them. All are so close that you can look into their flat gray eyes.

You spot the triangular shape of one as it swims from a distance, front on, right towards you. You heart starts to thump again as it looms on you, not changing direction.  Thump, Thump, Thump. Then suddenly with a flick of the tail it cruises to your left.

Then they all disappear for a moment, out into the blue, then reappear from every angle, crossing in front of the group. One tilts sideways, showing you its underside and opens its mouth, baring rows of sharp white teeth.  Childhood movies replay for a brief moment in your head, At once the smiling shark is gone though. Your adrenalin has never been higher. 

By the end of your dive, you are charmed by the sharks, you are amazed by the sharks, but you are no longer scared by the sharks. As you slowly ascend at the end of your dive, you vow to return another time!

  1. Angela Brown12-03-11

    Nice post with good pictures. I think shark drive is really very cool. Shark are deadly but I like the way they maintain their kingdom under sea.

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