What exists at 250 Ft?


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I had an interesting conversation with a client the other day about a marine biologist that is studying life at the 250 to 500 feet range on worldwide reefs.  This came up through a story about a man in HOnduras who built his own submarine and was offering tours to those who were interested.

What this man discovered and others is that there is a whole other life form at 250 ft, life forms that are not documented except by those who are now starting to study this forgotten part.

Normally divers go to 100 ft maybe 125 feet, and submersibles go beyond 500 ft.  What people ahve forgotten is the 150 ft to 500 ft range as there were few who wanted to go to that depth and the equipment made it hard for divers or submersibles to survey this depth.

Watch this video to be inspired about the 200 ft to 500 ft range and how you as a diver can explore the species at this depth.

The Riviera Maya has areas that can take you to this zone and we have the ability to train and certify technical divers who want to explore these depths.  Trimix, rebreathers, scooters and other technical courses can put you in this range!

Be an explorer of the unknown or little known and see how you can contribute to the world of marine biology.


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