Why the Riviera Maya is one of the Top 10 places to dive:


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I can give you 100 reasons why the Riviera Maya is in the top 10 places to dive but I will only give you 10 reasons today…we will leave the other 90 for another day.

1.  It is home to the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world.  That means, lots to see, lots to learn and lots to do and dive…

2.  There exists the largest cave system in the world.  That means lots to dive, lots to see and lots to explore.  Also we have the most naturally decorated cave and cavern system on the planet.

3.  The dive centers and instructors are some of the most experienced in the world.  This is not all dive centers but there are some pretty hard core divers over here who are amazing, due to their passion, commitment and  focus on their profession.  Diving here is a profession, with a long term committment to the profession.  Also they dive each and every day, instructors instruct, they dont have a desk job, they have an ocean job and you can tell.

4.  You dont freeze when you dive.  There is no ice to hack through, no water that is under 74F and when you are done a two tank dive, you still have a good half of the day left.

5.  Travelling to dive sites is minimal.  Boat or truck travel does not exceed 45 minutes.  Now that is a great way to dive.

6.  We have some great fish.  That is right, we have a ton of fish, we love our fish and fisherman don’t over fish, so there is tons to see.   Seen a grouper lately, seen a parrot fish lately, seen a hog fish lately…well come on down.

7.  We understand recreational divers and what they need to have a good time.  When you don’t dive for a few years, it is a good idea to take it slow.  We get it and we just want you to dive, so what ever it takes to get you back in the water, we are here to be your guide..and do it at your pace.

8.  We understand technical and those who are more extreme…no where can you find instructors who can get a recreational diver in the water one minute and with patience get them up to snuff with their basic diving skills and then for another customer right after, hook on 4 tanks with two deco tanks on teh boat for the deco stop and dive under some of the most technical conditions.  Now that is skill…and none of these instructors miss a beat.

9.  The water has great visibility.  In the ocean anywhere up to 30 meters, in the cenotes, up to 100 meters or as far as your eye can see.  It all feels like space travel..and it is great….

10.  Dive Centers know that what happens above water is as important as what happens under the water.  You will be entertained in the ocean and you will be entertained on land.  how is that for service…!!!

We could go on, and on and on, but will save the other 90 reasons for the next few weeks.  Diving here is a lifestyle and people do it full time recreationally and professionally.  Every day is a great day to dive, rain or shine, so why wouldn’t you travel to the Riviera Maya for dive vacation.  No more excuses, check it out!

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    Riviera Maya is the best place in the world to dive! Come to us!!

  2. Faust03-04-10

    Nice post! :D, saludos!

    • David03-12-10

      Thanks! We appreciate your feedback.

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