WILMA PART 3-Getting Back to Normal


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Well, it was another interesting day since the departure of Wilma. It was a scouting day in Tulum and yet another day of getting things set up in Playa Del Carmen. The guys are working hard and will have the dive center back to your normal in a few days. Right now without windows and doors, we are ready to open and dive but I think it may freak some people so we decided to wait. OUr normal right now is a far cry from other people´s normal so if it takes a few more days to finalize theproject, it takes a few more days. There are divers in Tulum so the employes from Playa are coming to help the gang in Tulum. A true team effort!

To assist those who are wobbling on their decisionto come to visit or not to come, Nicola went around the beach hotels in Tulum to scout out who has rooms and who is closed for a while. The results were fantastic and again we only have good news.

So the scoop,the real scoop, not the media scoop that is only showing the absolute worst pictures they can find (Mexican newspapers are doing the same by the way) is that only 20% of the rooms in Tulum on the beach were damaged. Nicola had a great walk south of Zamas to check it all out. Who could have a better job, the order was walk on the beach to find out what is happening. yes it is a beautiful sunny day but you msut walk o the beach….so off she went….hmmm……I hear it is starting to snow in areas around the world….anyway, here are the reults.

Ana and Jose, open, Posada Margarita, open with no damage what so ever, Parasio, open, Mezzine, open, Los Lirios, open, Coqi Coqi, open, Shambala will be open in a few days, Diamante K open, and there are many more. The beach is collecting debris that is now coming in from the storm, so the beach is not the brilliant white sand that we usually have, but the workers are cleaning rapidly. The beach is still fantasic, dont get us wrong, we just are not used to having stuff on the beach…..Nicola took three divers to the beach today and apologized for the mess. Their comment was, this is better than any beach they had been on for our entire trip…..so i guess we are just spoiled. People were out and about sunbathing, swimming, snorkelling…just another day on the beach.

Playa Del Carmen is doing very well. There seemed to be some impromtu parties going on last night as the Ley de Seca (alcohol ban) was lifted from 10th Avenue to the beach. la Rana, Beer Bucket, Babes and others were rocking with locals and tourists sharing stories of the storm. Cenote Dive Center had their own impromtu party with local friends as we watched the hords of people walking up and down the new nicknamed ¨La Quinta¨ (5th Avenue) in Tulum. We are still busy down here and loving the new tourist that is discovering our great little town.

Reef conditions are still not known. All cenotes are open except for Carwash, as it was very flooded after the storm. Other than that, life is getting back to normal. The only person we know that is out of electricty is Dave….poor thing….he has not showered for days and I think we are all paying for it! Ryder, his little one, joined us for coffee this morning and he is great! What a bundle of joy that kid is. His cheeks are the biggest you have ever seen and he loves to laugh…..he is a great addition to the team…

Now we still are praying for all of our friends in the surrounding areas. Our story is looking brighter everyday and we are thankful for this. Cozumel is getting better we hear but dont know for sure, Cancun…well no one really knows very much….Isla Mujeres as well….they are toughing it out but the larger hotels will need some recovery time. Please put out some good energy for all of those who are less fortunate than us…we thank the gods each day for our good fortune and hope it will spread to the other areas…

Thank you again for all your emails and we are doing our best to get the information you need. We are on email each evening after the dive centers are closed so just please give us 24 hours to reply…your kind thoughts and messages really keep us going….

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