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Visions of Fred Flinstone keep coming to mind whenever we say this word…or should I say the name of the next ´system´as we like to call these hurricanes. And might I say we have been saying it alot in the past 36 hours.

Before I give you the run down, we all want to say thank you for your emails and well wishes. It is nice to think that others are looking after us even when they are not here. It makes us all warm and fuzzy!

Now for the goods. Wilma! is scheduled for tonight, Thursday evening, early Friday morning. You went throughthe drill with us with Emily and we have followed the same routine. Dive centers are packed up, cars are hidden, and we are all safe in our homes….we are getting really good at this hurricane preparation, too good. Oh and the boats are out of the water but we got smart, they are all located in different places so no matter what we will back diving as soon as we can.

We will try to keep you updated, getting on the blog as soon as we can after the storm passes. It will only depend on electricity and internet access….if we are cut off for a long time…start looking for the smoke signals over Mexico, you may see the Abyss Logo flying over the Carribean.

Currently at 11 30 am on Thursday the 20th, the sun is trying to poke through the clouds and there is no rain. So we are still around, walking about, watching everyone else getting ready for the storm. Things are calm and people are just shopping, getting water and making sure that everything is secure.

Predictions? We have none. This update is not to be used for your holiday planning, to encourage you to cancel your vacation next week or to book a trip. If we could make those predictions we would not be running dive centers in Mexico. So please watch the news and listen to yourlocal airlines if you were to travel in the next few days.

As soon as we can, we will update you on the results. This is always the fun part. Hang tight, and lets see what happens this time! And we can guarantee more hurricane cookies after this one….

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