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Yes we have been of line for a day or two to think about what really happened….as stated Tulum is up and running, the dive center in Playa at this point is not…read on and I will fill you in.

After shovellin for two days in the hot sun, washing the dive center and going out to buy paint…we ave discovered that there may be some structural damage to the dive center. This as put the dive center on hold for now until we can get the right people to assess the situation. Of course we found this out on a Saturday afternoon so there is nothing we can do until Monday…just our luck.

The good news is all the gus have come to Tulum to help out, they finally get to see what the dive centers are like and get to work in a different area. This has been fun! We have the captains sharing a boat, others are doing electrical work to make sure all the crazy electrical current runs the way it should. They are building things, making things and of course diving.

Most tourists at this point have left the area. This makes things a little slower tan we had a week ago. The airport is functioning better though is not perfect. Some flights are not being received but a few are coming in each day. So cross your fingers and hope all will be back to normal. Thanksgiving for the Americans is around the corner and the Riviera Maya mainland from Playa Del Carmen to Tulum is ready to receive them.

So Monday we will have a better idea as to what we have to do for the dive center in Playa. Whatever happens, we are not going anwhere and are ready to accept change if need be. The most important thing is to let you know wen the dive center will be up and running.

So that is the news for the day. We have been prett self absorbed so ave no other reports about happenings in the area, other than everone one in the State is working around the clock to make sure that things are running normally.

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