WINE DIVE 2006 Underway!


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For those sitting by the computer waiting for news…the Annual Wine Dive ans Treasure Hunt has begun!!! Everyone has met, though some people, no names mentioned went to cozumel the day of registration and seemed to come back…with soem beers/cervesas mas and walking, could we say, a little funny….now remember this is not a gossip column so no names will be mentioned, but they were up this morning to come for the bveach clean up and get ready with their kit….

The regulars are here….and we are missing some. Many of you have sent some great emails and we will make sure these are shared this evening….at the Beach BBQ!!! Thoughit is only 1130 am here, the gang found some great garbage and brougth it on shore, and will return for the dive at 1 30 pm…bottles galore!!!! It is Dave´s birthday so we think he bought more bottles than required….method to his madness….we think so but dont let him know that we are on to him….

Little Ryder, Dave and Julie´s bundle of joy, is wearing his own t-shirt today and will bepartying witht he rest of us….i think he is more like his father, but Julie is smart…no beer for you it is BAD….and Carlos well he is tagging along with Ryder as the two of them are now great friends….

So from us to all of you….sorry you are not here…the ocean is flat and gorgeous and those absent are missed….the photos will be up in a few days so look out for them….

If we can still see at 9 pm…we will give you an update…if we cant….then it will be manana!!!

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