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Okay so dont fall off your seat…..we are planning for the wine dive already…..the hotel makes it a little more complicated….so we are requesting that you too, plan with us.

The wine dive is on the 3rd Saturday of February, so for 2008 that is FEBRUARY 16th. Now the hotel fills up quickly in February so… now and ensure yourself a room! Airlines are looking for advanced bookings so you may be able to get a better deal if you book that in the moment…

The drill is the same this year, cleaning, diving for wine, and then drinking the wine with a dinner mixed in there as well…..remember for your non-diving friends we do invite and have made some fun activities for snorklers and anyone can come and join in on the dinner….prizes and prizes and more prizes. If Sr. Dave is starting his planning this early then who knows what we may come up with…we will take a peak at his list and let you know.

The hotel website is and the email is

Dont miss out on your favorite room, email us today to reserve.

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