Your quick and easy, Weekend Coral Class!


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Common Name: Stinking Vase Sponge (Okay so it’s not a coral, but indulge us just this once!)

Species Name: Ircinia campana Taxonomy: Subphylum Cellularia, Class Demospongiae, Subclass Ceractinomorpha,

Where can I see them? Florida, Caribbean, Bahamas, Colombia to Brazil

How do I spot them: The vase sponge is a common species found in the Caribbean. They grow in a bell vase or barrel shape. Outside of sponge surface is irregular with scattered pores. May also have longitudinal ribs on exterior sides. They range in colour from pink and purple to red and brown.

They make their homes on rocks near the sandy bottom of the ocean but are also found on tops of ledges and rocky outcroppings.

Facts to impress your friends: Sponges are the simplest form of multi cellular animals. There are more than 5000 sponge species found throughout the world. Vase sponges can grow up to 2 feet wide and 3 feet high!

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